Impact Community

The word IMPACT with images of students participating in various activities overlaid onto the text, with the words "Update - See note below regarding Impact for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Welcome to the Impact Community!


Due to staffing changes, the Impact Living-Learning Community will not be available in Fall 2022. We look forward to bringing in a new cohort of students in Fall 2023.


Impact Living-Learning Community (LLC) is an initiative open to all first-year students and majors who are interested in exploring issues of diversity, social good, and sustainability. As the most diverse living-learning community on-campus, we identify as a safe space and environment where students can be their authentic selves.

Through fun field trips/outings and more, Impact puts students directly in the Atlanta community, rich with opportunities for engagement. Focusing on partnerships and professional development also sets our program apart.



Impact Financial Support

If you are interested in Impact but need financial support or would like us to help you during the semester, don't hesitate to apply and just let us know. We will definitely be able to provide you with specific resources and help with your LLC fee!

Community Engagement

Impact Community Image

Impact includes living-learning community events focusing on community building, engagement, leadership, & mentoring opportunities. Click the image to view photos from some of our Impact events!

Impact & Service

Impact Services (Sample Event)

The Impact experience includes local service and field trips around Atlanta and GA, Serve-Learn-Sustain activities, and civic leadership opportunities! Click the image to view some of our service components in more detail!

Impact Courses

Impact Courses for Students

Each student living in Impact will take a Fall GT1000 course section designed for Impact LLC (you will take a different course in the Spring focused on your Impact Project). Click the image for more course information!