Impact Living Learning Community Fall Courses

  • By accepting the invitation to join Impact, in the Fall semester, you will be required to take one of our GT1000 Impact sections OR the CS 2801 section (for CS majors only). Those who take a GT1000 in the summer will not have to take another one and will take a course from the options below. ​​
  • The GT 1000 or CS 2801 course will be taken as part of your regular course load and is required to participate in the Impact LLC and program.

During the Impact Fall semester, we will recommend additional Impact-related ENGL 1101 and 1102 courses as well. After you satisfy the ENGL composition requirement, you may register for the optional and listed humanities and/or social science courses offered respectively by SOC, LMC, and HTS.

In the Spring semester, we will highly encourage students to take a Vertically Integrated Project or VIP class to help guide them through their Impact Project experience. Each Impact student should also consider enrolling in ENGL 1101 & 1102 during either semester (unless they have completed these during the summer session period).

Visit this page for more information about the Impact Project and why we are encouraging you to take the VIP course! 

Course Updates Coming Soon!


  • GT 1000 Impact Sections (Required)
  • CS 2801 Impact Section (Required for CS majors)
  • English, LMC, or HTS Courses (Optional)