Impact Community Deferral Policy

Our Policy

Thank you for your patience while our Living Learning Community (LLC) and Impact leadership have been working to develop a policy for students offered admission to Impact for Fall 2020 but who have decided to live off-campus in Fall 2020. 

You may visit the official LLC page and visit the FAQ page under the heading “LLCs Moving Forward" for more information around thisAs indicated in the FAQ, the LLC residential requirement cannot be waived for Fall 2020 due to the residential nature of the LLC experience and for practical reasons (reserved spaces in LLC classes, LLC events attendance, etc) and so all first-year Impact LLC students will need to stay in Field Hall. Below is a quick overview of how Impact LLC will operate moving forward: 

  • For this current academic year (2020-2021), Impact LLC will operate under a hybrid-format model. Our events, programs, initiatives, and LLC will offer various virtual options to supplement our in-person activities. Impact LLC students will also be able to attend all in-person options but we will not make in-person attendance mandatory due to personal safety and health concern that a student might justifiably have. 
  • All Impact LLC students will get virtual access to all Impact resources, activities, tutoring/support, and more throughout the semester.
  • For any Impact LLC student that might need additional housing or space accommodations, you will need to contact the GT Office of Disability Services and email Assistant Dean/Director Anne Jannarone at:

Deferment Process

Impact LLC will be able to offer students in your circumstances the opportunity—on a space-available and first-come, first-served basis—to join the Impact LLC Program in Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 and reside in Field residence hall. Please see the next steps below.

  • If you would like to rescind your Fall acceptance to Impact LLC and want to receive an offer to join the Impact LLC in Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 and live in Field Hall (if any spaces become available), then email Program Coordinator Jeremy Brown at We expect that several rooms and spaces will become available, but we cannot predict how many at this time. 

We will reach out to all students who email Jeremy with this and will notify you if and when any spaces become available. Then, we will invite you to accept our invitation, on a first-come, first-served basis, to join the Impact LLC and reside in one of those open spaces we have.