By accepting the invitation to join Impact LLC, you will be required to take one Impact-themed GT1000 course in the Fall semester. In the Spring semester, you will be recommended to consider an ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1102 course as well as any of our humanities/social science electives. Based on your credits and schedule, you may choose which courses fit the best.

The Impact-themed GT1000 course or CS 2801 course for College of Computing majors is required to participate in the Impact Community and will be part of your normal class loadImpact is a full year (2-semester) commitment. Additionally, you are agreeing to live in Hefner-Armstrong Residence Hall for the Fall and Spring semesters and pay a $400 student activity fee each semester.

By accepting our Impact invitation, you are also agreeing to participate in our Impact field trips, service projects, and events. You will also need to attend the mandatory Impact retreat both Fall and Spring semesters. All retreat dates and times will be communicated to all Impact students ahead of time.

Summary of Requirements:
    •    Live in Hefner-Armstrong Residence Halls for both Fall and Spring Semesters
    •    Enroll in an Impact-themed GT 1000 or CS 2801 course for the Fall  
    •    $400/Semester Activity Fee
    •    Mandatory participation in all Impact retreats (and suggested participation in other Impact events)