All Things FASET & Impact!  

Welcome, Impact Community! Please see below the following information regarding things we have setup for you in terms of FASET this summer. The Impact LLC staff is looking forward to helping you sign-up for your courses as well as facilitate other opportunities to meet other Impact students, ask us any questions as we prep for the Fall, and more. Please see the topics listed below for further information. 

FASET Virtual and In-Person Meet & Greet Sessions


For FASET, Impact staff and past Impact alumni will be available to meet with you through various virtual webinars. These webinars are intended to be relaxed and informative, and most importantly serve as a way for our newly admitted GT and Impact LLC students to learn more about our living-learning community. The summer FASET times will be from 3pm-4pm, and the Fall FASET times, we will be available from 2pm-5pm. 


For all in-person meet and greet times, there will be a central area on campus during FASET where you can come and meet Dr. Jeremy Brown, as well as our Impact Student Assistants. The location will be highlighted below but please mark your calendars for these dates and times.

Summer (Virtual) FASET Dates      
Time of Webinar
Wednesday, June 9th 
Thursday, June 10th 3pm-4pm
Friday, June 11th 3pm-4pm


Fall (Virtual) FASET Dates       Time of Webinar
Friday, June 25th                             2pm-5pm
Thursday, July 8th 2pm-5pm
Friday, July 9th 2pm-5pm
Monday, July 19th 2pm-5pm
Monday, August 16th 2pm-5pm



(In-Person) FASET Dates         Meet & Greet Time
Monday, July 12th                                  4:30pm-5pm
Tuesday, July 13th 4:30pm-5pm
Thursday, July 15th 4:30pm-5pm
Friday, July 16th 4:30pm-5pm
Tuesday, July 20th 4:30pm-5pm
Thursday, July 22nd 4:30pm-5pm
Friday, July 23rd 4:30pm-5pm


Impact Course Guide

By accepting the invitation to join the Impact Living-Learning Community you will be required to take one of our GT1000 or CS 2801 Impact sections. Those who take a GT1000 in the summer will not have to take another one and will choose a different Impact course from our course list below. The courses and detail presented on this page will assist you in signing-up for your Impact course.


Also included in the guide are optional ENGL and LMC Impact-themed courses for you to choose from as well. Each Impact student should also consider enrolling in an ENGL 1101 and 1102 course of their choice unless they have completed one or both of these courses before entering Georgia Tech or during the summer session period. There will also be similar ENGL and LMC Impact-themed courses offered in the Spring semester.

Impact Course Registration Video 

Please view our Impact course registration video that highlights Georgia Tech's Buzzport, Phase I registration, class catalog, Courseoff, and also Degreeworks process as well. Check out our Impact Youtube video to help support you in your registration efforts and assist you at FASET. You may also reach out to us with specific registration questions.

Click the image below to access the video.