Hefner-Armstrong Halls


                                                 Hefner-Armstrong Residence Halls 

Hefner Hall (FLD) has traditional two-person rooms with shared bathrooms on the hall. The rooms are furnished with a twin bed (extra-long mattress), desk, desk chair, wardrobe, and dresser per resident. The beds can be independently set up in four ways: low, medium, high, and bunked. This description applies to nearly all rooms in the building. Armstrong Hall will also be utilized for the Impact Program if needed. 

Layout & Space

Hefner Residence Hall includes a renovated resident social space, a classroom, a cafe area, and an office for the Impact Coordinator. Impact students will be able to move in a week early, as can all other living-learning community students as well. The Impact Living-Learning Community will be housed in Hefner-Armstrong Halls only and students will be required to live on West Campus at Hefner or Armstrong. The Impact space will also be used for Challenge to use in the future summers ahead as well. The remodeled space will be a model of inclusive housing: and will include gender-inclusive housing options and adhere to principles of universal design and access. We plan to renovate all Impact Community rooms in the future.

The second-year Impact experience will include a reserved block in North Avenue Apartments with other Impact Community students who opt-in to the experience. The second-year Impact Community will join the first-year Impact students on events, activities, as well as have special programs, corporate opportunities, and community talks to further their development.