Impact Community + Service


Field Trips:

The Impact Living-Learning Community supplements in-class learning and volunteer opportunities with off-campus trips around local Atlanta and Georgia, on-campus service opportunities, and more! Some examples include going to the Sojourn Adventures for zip-lining and laser tag, helping to donate clothes and food to the homeless in Atlanta with Food4Lives, or even going to the MLK King Center. We even created our own large-scale, campus project two years ago called Jackets Beyond Walls. Excursions will help provide outside-the-classroom learning experiences for students, as well as allow the community to develop organically. 

Impact Service Responsibility and ROI 

Each resident will contribute to the management of the community in different ways by volunteering, serving with community organizations, and participating in Impact service events. Second-year Impact students can serve as Team Leaders for Impact GT1000 courses. Additionally, they will serve as mentors and work alongside our Living Building Equity Champion students.

You might wonder what exactly does the $400 LLC provides you in your experience, in terms of value? There is a lot of fun things that happen within the Impact Living-Learning Community during the semester, and through the LLC fee, we are able to fully fund various things such as local sporting games, field trips, meals, swag, and more for students. Interested in seeing a sample of the Return of Investment or ROI on Impact for a full academic year? You will see examples of what it might cost to fund items through Impact and the retail value of what it would cost normally. See the sample chart listed below: 

Items Est. Rate for Impact Students Retail Value ROI 
Catered Meals  $9-$20/meal $30/meal 50%
Giveaways $30/item $60/item 100%
Field Trips & Tickets   $30/trip $70/trip 133%
Retreats  $30/retreat $80/retreat 166%
Sporting Events - ATL United, Hawks, etc. $25/ticket $100/ticket 300%