About Us

Impact Faculty and Staff

The Impact Community faculty and staff manages the day-to-day implementation of the vision and overall operation of the community. They plan intentional, engaging, and interactive programming, creating opportunities inside and outside the classroom for first-year students to enjoy their first year at Tech. Impact examines diversity and social good through the lens of sustainability. These intentional activities challenge students to think about their identities and experiences living in the community. 

Brittain Fellows

Our Brittain Fellows are excited to meet you and teach courses within the Impact community. Fellows meet with the students in social and professional settings, providing support to the Impact students. The Brittain Fellows periodically have lunches, coffee chats, or dinners with small groups of students throughout the semester. Our Fellows are here to support all Impact students by advising on projects, providing research opportunities, and assisting with field trips around the city. 

Student Staff Members & Peer Leaders

Our on-campus student staff members are integral to the development of our Living Learning Community. The Impact Community will have several Peer Leaders (PLs) to assist in this process. Peer Leaders and Student Staff Members work with residents to facilitate and develop an inclusive community within the residence hall setting, contributing to the intellectual, social, and cultural growth of their residents. This engagement outside of the classroom results in increased academic success and retention for these first year students. The PLs in Impact will also work closely with the Hall Director and Impact Coordinator in order to integrate learning with community spaces.