When can I apply for Impact?
  • Due to staffing changes, Impact LLC will not operate during the 2022-2023 academic year. We look forward to welcoming our next cohort of students in fall 2023.

What is a living-learning community? 
  • Living Learning Communities are an academic strategy that links academics to on-campus living. Each of these communities offers a different focus, they all have required academic coursework, a first-year living requirement, and the option to continue living with members of the community in nearby apartments as upper-level students.
What exactly is this Impact LLC? 
  • Impact LLC is a new living-learning community at Georgia Tech focusing on the themes of diversity, sustainability, and social good! Living-learning communities are great because they create a community of like-minded students and gives you an outlet to get involved and have fun at the same time. Yes, there is a project component and classes that you may take for Impact, but these aren’t designed to be hard, and they certainly are influenced by the need of our students. It’s a resume booster and a great way to make friends, get involved, and get acclimated to college.
Why should I join?
  • It looks great on a college resume.
  • It’s a great way to get involved and feel like you’re a part of a community early on in your GT experience.
  • As a college student, it’s hard to get off campus and explore the city at times. As a part of a living-learning community, you can have the chance to go to whatever cool places interest you.
Do I have to be of a particular major to join?
  • Absolutely not, we are multidisciplinary and accept students of all majors and disciplines at Tech.

I heard you had to take a special class for your Living Learning Community. What is that all about? Is it harder? 
  • Not for Impact. The only required class is our easy GT1000 course (or CS 2801 for CS majors). Our other offered classes are optional and are designed to help you get acclimated to Tech, not hurt your GPA or cause more stress.

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?
  • It’s $400/semester which might seem like a lot, but that money will be used towards our retreats, events, giveaways, sporting events, and more. Check out the cost breakdown and ROI on this page.
What students join impact? Is it geared toward students of a particular major?
  • People from all sorts of majors can join, and that’s one of the coolest aspects of being a part of our living-learning community. We have students represented from all six GT colleges.
Will I have time for this Impact experience?
  • A living-learning community is less of a “time commitment” and more of an outlet for you to get involved, relieve some stress, and meet some amazingly cool people! You will have Impact events offered to you weekly, but it is not meant to take up a huge chunk of your time. In fact, many Impact students are also involved in Greek life, intramural sports, clubs, and organizations at Tech and have never had an issue in terms of conflicts in their schedule.
I’m actually interested in being a part of Greek Life or other organizations. Will this program interfere with that?
  • Absolutely not! You can pledge to a sorority or fraternity, join other organizations or clubs, and still be a part of a living-learning community as well — so you can get the best of both worlds! 
Will we be expected to do a project?
  • Yes, there is an Impact project that you will be expected to get involved in, however, don’t let this scare you at all! These projects will involve your Impact peers and friends and typically all students choose to work in a group/team. Impact gives you the freedom to take your projects in the direction that you want. You’ll also have access to resources, mentors, and other support that will help guide your success.
What other perks come with it?
  • Great new friendships, cool Impact merch (shirts, hoodies, padfolios, bookbags, tumblers, etc), a vibrant and great community of peers that share your interest, and fun activities!
Where can I find more information about COVID-19 and GT Housing updates?