Impact Living Learning Community Spring Courses

In the Spring semester, we will highly encourage students to take a Vertically Integrated Project or VIP class to help guide them through their Impact Project experience. This course will be focused on the same three themes of Impact (diversity, social good, and sustainability) and will also allow Impact students to work weekly and productively on their Impact Project initiative. While there will be other students outside of Impact that enroll in the course, we will have spots reserved directly for the Impact cohort.

The VIP program was chosen for this because it challenges students to be ambitious and work on a long-term, large-scale, multidisciplinary project with their teams that are led by faculty. The program has been rigorously evaluated and refined over more than two decades. 

In VIP, the teams of students will earn academic credit for their work and have direct experience with the innovation process, while faculty and staff benefit from the extended efforts of their teams and projects. Students earn 1 to 2 credits each semester, with two semesters up ”to a typical 3“ credit hour course.

Each Impact student should also consider enrolling in ENGL 1101 and 1102 (unless they have completed one or both of these courses before entering Georgia Tech or during the summer session period). After you satisfy the ENGL composition requirement, you may register for any of the listed humanities and/or social science courses offered below.

VIP Course (Recommended)

  • Course information coming soon! 

Spring Course Listings (Optional)

  • English

  • Literature, Media, and Communications (LMC)

  • Management/Ideas to Serve